Hello Twin Cities!

Welcome to the new website for Creative Tile Works!

This has been a work in progress for many weeks. We are just getting started adding many new features, implementing new ideas and creating new project portfolio’s.

One of the new exciting features is the CTW Blog. In it We’ll be posting handy tiling tips to make your own tiling projects go smoother! Tutorials on how or why we chose certain materials or techniques for individual installations. And “on the job” project updates and photo’s to see what we’re currently working on!

Be sure to check back with CreativeTileWorks.net  frequently to see what new project galleries are being added to our portfolio, sign up with the CTW Blog for valuable information on tile techniques and idea’s and be sure to “like” Creative Tile Works on facebook to see what’s going on now!



– please be patient as we’re consistantly making updates and working through glitches to the new site. If you experience any problems or find that a link isn’t working properly, we’d love to here from you! you could send an email or reply on a blog post and we’ll do our best to fix it asap!


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